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After the many questions about CBD oil here that get from my frenids, family and collegues at work, i thought it was time to creat this blog and write about it.  Cannabidiol Oil, or as we more commonly know it, CBD oil, is a hot topic today! 

CBD oil is extracted from the cannabis plant.  Historically the best-known compound from the cannabis plant was THC which is what makes people “high.” This should not be confused with  CBD which also comes from the plant, does not have a psychoactive effect, and has been found to have many benefits. 

I am here to share my experience and I answer all of your questions for this superfood that is becoming more and more popular.

We are going to assume that you use a perfectly healthy vaporizer for your health like Volcano Storz Bickel. That is, a vaporizer that will not add any dirt to your inhalation (glues, welds, plastics, toxic gases or others …). This vaporizer has all the therapeutic and medicinal qualities required in herbal medicine. However, you must pay attention to the plant matter you want to Vape!

– The aromatic herb or medicinal plant used should ideally be Bio!

– Some herbs may contain toxic products in their natural state such as tars or others!

– Some plants may have dangerous or unwanted active ingredients

– Some plants may be banned for consumption and their use therefore exposes you to prosecution.

– At certain temperatures when approaching pre-combustion (200 ° C-230 ° C) some harmful gases such as Benzene may appear!

Vaping techniques

– The harder you suck and the lower the vaporiser temperature. The more you suck slowly and the more the temperature will increase! (Essential basic technique to master your vaporizer!)

– Although the use of vaporizers with thermostat greatly facilitate the use it is important to control the vaporization temperature. For this, you must learn, thanks to the sensation in the mouth, to feel the heat of the vapor stream that you inhale. It may seem a little complex at first, but with a little experience you will learn quickly to control the heating temperature and certainly avoid combustion! (With this technique, you can master all vaporizers very easily!)

– i advise you to start your phyto-inhalation session with the lower part of the temperature panel of the plant material chosen and gradually increase the heating when the aromas or the density of vapor begins to fall!

For example, the Eucalyptus leaf ideally vaporizes between 120 ° and 140 °. You can start with a temperature around 120 ° or 125 ° and gradually increase to 140 °.

The opposite would not work well and would even be counterproductive!

Health and Safety

– The vaporizer is certainly excellent for the health when it is used correctly. Nevertheless, the very principle of vaporization does not kill microbes. It is therefore essential to regularly clean your vaporizer and its accessories!

– Depending on thevaped plants, you can use hot water, organic cleaners or ideally unmodified 90 alcohol.

– Avoid blowing into a steamer or into its tube or hose especially if you share your vaporizer! Indeed, the vaporization remains pathogenic (because no combustion) and you risk sharing the microbes with everyone!

– Do not share a vaporizer with someone who has a viral “direct contagion” disease (colds, flu …)

– The use of medicinal plants is not to be taken lightly! The plants contain active ingredients and essential oils! It is therefore strongly advised to consult your doctor or ideally yourPhytotherapist who will be able to direct you on the best medicinal herbs to use according to your ills, problems or diseases and especially to alert you on their counter indications! Indeed, some herbs may have allergenic effects, side effects and some mixtures may be dangerous or contraindicated during some medical treatments!

– It is forbidden to sell or buy vaporizers in Europe that do not have the CE norm!

Some propose! Escape from this kind of vaporizer shops which, as a result, show their lack of seriousness.

At Doctor Vaporizer all our vaporizers and electronic cigarettes are CE certified!

Apart from the fact that you are illegal, it could also be dangerous for your safety and health. Indeed, the CE norm should normally protect you against for example the risks of fire or explosion (lithium batteries …)

– When you buy an electric vaporizer, you should always do a “break-in” before the first inhalation. Break-in is to preheat the vapo at max temperature for a period of time to remove any residues along the air circuit. Some vaporiser require a few minutes of break-in and some hours. When bad smells dissipate you can finally load your plant material and start to vape your favorite dried plants.